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Thank you so much for your continued support of Valeria Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As you know Valeria was born out of the friendship between us after meeting while starring in the BBC2 documentary "Second Chance Summer" You have followed us on our tv journey and seen how we have dreamed and worked together to create something truly wonderful. Now it is time to share the fruits of our labour and we hope you will continue the journey with us!

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Gavin & Andy

Aka "Gandy"


Valeria Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO), our goal is to achieve the highest number of phenols per litre of olive oil. The phenols...

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It has been postulated that the components in olive oil in the Mediterranean diet, a diet which is largely vegetarian in nature,...

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"Second Chance Summer"

As shooting stars dart across a violet sky, and the scent of cypress mingles with jasmine growing wild, a group of mid-life... .

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Tuscany Travel Guide

An insider's guide to Tuscany featuring the region's best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and attractions, chosen by our expert...

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